Utopia of The Spotted Mind



This life, one life. So chaotic? Yes it is not perfect, fuck perfection. Fuck what people think for a while. Just meditate. Not the kind where you pose and pretend not to be asleep. Meditate in your own way. Listen to a song or masturbate; anything that lets you escape the world for sometime. Since precede this silence, this singleness, a Boss would bang your door and break your peace. Till then, it’s all about you. You were there.

Is it justifiable to escape? I say it is. Because the world is ugly, you can’t choose contentment, you have to snatch it. Make it quick, the Boss comes real fast. Hse will bang your door hard, hse will make you feel guilty, and hse will make you so weak that you would cry. You can never change the Boss but you can still save yourself. Run, run away kid. Family, society and relationships? What do they give you? Love runs out faster than any other fuel. We are surrounded by selfish creatures and are manipulated through agendas. Maybe the Boss is right, it is useless to dream. It is right to be afraid, it is right to be unhappy and lament about life. Either be an escapist, dare to book a ticket to the Himalayas and stop eking through mortality. OR succumb to that old Boss and the new Boss who will continue the legacy. Sojourn this pretense, “he who says Carpe Diem and comes back home with a jute bag filled with vegetables and disappointment”. You are worse. The Boss is not the problem, your impotency is. For once be clear of these double standards. Stop saying you want space, independence, freedom and all those French movement ideals. You have watched enough movies and read ample novels. Fiction is always unreal and sliced to perfection. You are not perfect and your want for utopia is as silly as the wish to woo that crush of yours. Grow up.

As for me,

Unintentionally, I have found my silver lining and now I am armistice. To have finally seen the world after my intense travels and musings. On occasions I live with the Bosses. Paradoxical much, I do what I want against all obligations.  I have finally seen the Light. Ah, to write is to dream.

Bang!! Wait, wait, wait I hear the


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