5 Recurring Things Every Assamese Does in Delhi


Almost every Assamese/NE organization has its own fest.  Herein you learn the sole reason; when you stay in Delhi you have got to socialize with your people. The entire point of all this ‘ayujan’ has different objectives. For the girls it’s time to open their trunks full of Assamese material they brought from home and for the guys it’s a new place to do the party. Last but not the least, Ramjas Assamese Meet. Enough Said.


Same genre as the fest but this one is on the larger scale. Assam is primarily dived as Upper and Lower. Both the parties celebrate Bihu but the people from ‘Ujoni’ are too pumped up for such regional occasions taking them to the next level. Level = Junbai 3D. They would even hire rented cars just to watch ‘Bihu’ in Gurgaon. Such Josh Much Akhmoiya.



When you first arrive in the city, we all become this nocturnal beings night crawling and exploring all the places. Be it Kamla Nagar Ridge, Greater Kailash, India Gate or if you dare, you know which road to go. Piece of advice, stay away from the Highways.



The most pointless place is the Tea Point. Ironic eh? Where people literally sit, sip and smoke for hours. This is not only the scenario near the Campus side but many places in South/West Delhi have the same custom. Thus, where there is a will there is a way and where there is an Assamese Residency there is a Tea Point.



If you haven’t travelled Himachal and witnessed the Himalayas, what’s the point then? Many go to the Himalayas to escape the moribund Delhi life and enter the High Life. Nobody gives a shit to that Shiv Mandir(source Subramanyam Swami) near Delhi, the so called 7th wonder or something.


NOTE: It may seem from this exaggerated post that all we do is ‘anything but meaningful’ work, but I beg to disagree because we also do some important stuff like ‘Pseudo-Netagiri’, ‘Fest Volunteers/Organisers’ and ‘Healthy Flirting’.

*Wrote in good humour, no abuse please* 


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