6 Recurring Issues In Every Hindi Serial

1. Light Effects and Background Music
We see an abundance of Light effects and a horror background score in any average Daily Soap running every week since the last 5/7 years, which is more the time required to complete a college degree. The redundant scenes wherein a character reacts and his reply getting echoed. My advice? Grow up people and have some better taste like Gujarati food maybe.


2. The Father of the Pregnant Lady.
The most difficult thing for any TV protagonist (female) is to prove her pregnancy happened out of her husband and not the Bad-Guy lover that crops usually after the happy marriage with the former. The tradition was started successfully in the early 2000s till late to current TV shows and most recently Pavitra Rishta. Well, show much for the word Pavitra.


3.  The Living Room
It is seen in almost every Hindi serial, all the family members sit on the comfortable sofas together in the living room and suddenly a big issue spurs out. Within seconds, every member stands up accordingly with their faces shown from different angles and they confront the guilty party. The mother mostly goes towards the guilty subject (proven at times) and slaps.


4. Death
In life, the only certain thing is Death. But our serials tend to defy the concept ‘death’. They would pop out of nowhere after their demise coupled with plastic surgery. So much for revenge and deception.


5. Duration
The only similar element in both English and Hindi serials is their Run-Time. While the English Serials have a particular ending, the Hindi counterparts have no particular finish and may just end due to Lower TRP or an introduction of new show in that time.


6. The Timeline Change
Almost every Hindi Serial after successfully airing 2-3 years makes a time shift forward to 10 years. The hero starts having Grey Side Burns (to demonstrate ageing) and their Kids finally take the centre stage.  The characters may have changed but they are subjected to the same issues and their following outcomes.




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