6 People You Encounter Before UCL Finale

1. The Finale Fans
There are the loyalists of ‘one club for life’ and then there are these Finale fans, becomes active just before the UCL Final. They just check in on Facebook and post #HalaMadrid.  FYI, both Real and Athletico are in Madrid. The most common question this season has been, “Why is David Villa playing for Athletico?” And “Where is Mesut Ozil?”


2. The Cricket Fan
They are always glued to the Entertainment Industry aka IPL during the UCL Finale time and would post non-trending stuffs like Go KKR during the match day. Many have no clue about the qualification process of UCL but will become the Fan of the club triumphing or the Runners up. Cricket fans will now turn ‘Madrids’ Supporters leaving their preferable club of ManUTD after all those years. Another record broken by David Moyes.


3. The Geeks
Analyzing the team having the upper hand one week before the build up to the game till the final whistle, the Geeks seem to know every bit details. If you are an Indian Footy Geek, you are meant to hate the IPL fans who believe Arsenal FC have copied their Jersey from Kings X1 Punjab. Vice Versa, Maybe?


4. The Bollywood Celebrities
Deepika Padukone lifted the UCL Trophy hours before FLorentino Perez even though the later invested about 1Billion pounds. On previous finales we have seen faces like Abhishek Bacchan. No wonder Chelsea too has won the UCL.


5. The Casualty
Football is War and all War leads to casualties. In India your family is the one which faces the late night ‘Holocaust’ of football. The worst is Penalties. Not because they end in a horrible way but you have to tell your parents (cricket fan Veterans) they have to wait another 20 mins in addition to the 30 mins they already waited. My advice is influence them into the religion of Football or shift the Television to your Bedroom.


6. The Cable Guy
It  ain’t Jim Carrey. The frustrated cable viewers are bestowed with meaningless coverage of Outstanding Ojha, Virat The Go Getter – nonstop coverage of Star 1, 2, 3 and are compelled to literally beg for Ten Action. The cable guy be like, who needs Ten Action when you can watch Set Max, Six? No question, people are shifting to Satellite Dish.


Note: No offence to the fans of the Clubs mentioned. Pure pun intended.
La Decima.




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