How to get a Real Man?

The door BAMMED. A man had left the house. The backside of him wearing a white shirt still flashes out in her memory. The father of a small girl has abandoned the family. She never knew the reason. No, she didn’t believe those rumors. It was just getting difficult for the father to handle the two ladies because they say Real Man can handle family but her father wasn’t to be. The mother died expectedly and the girl shifted with the uncle and aunt, nevertheless from her mother’s side. Life is a story, the same sequence of events occur uniformly and repeatedly. All we need is to figure out the pattern. The Sun brings about the day and the moon follows up with the darkness. So the mother’s death should not be made tragic as it was purely expected. The only tragedy was the girl. Her father was not Real Man. This was her conviction about the events happened in her childhood that changed the girl forever. She was just a seven year old girl then. Nobody takes a seven year old girl seriously. Even nature wants at least girls above 12 years to give them the ambivalent outcome of adolescence.  Change is the only reality in the universe which is ubiquitous, it is present everywhere. Change is not visible and for that reason nobody challenges change, they just wait for it to cum. Change is sensual in a way. Like an immature girl waiting for her first puberty cycle or the middle aged housewife who just wait for it to end. She didn’t linger around for the change because nature can wait, not her. The girl became this Lady at the age of seven who could go to school all by herself walking half a kilometer and not fear the street Dogs who kidnap small girls for money. Maybe we all fear, however with age and growth the fear priorities change. We move on from this ‘cynophobic’ small kid to the man who fears competition in the modern world. She too had fears which were different from a regular seven year old. All her life after she learned sense (in short biology) she feared falling short on identifying the Real Man. Every organism is subjected to trepidation. Yes God too. He fears his immortality. The greatest fear of every woman is “What if they don’t meet this Real Man”.
The most important question arises so as to who is this Real Man? Is he a man who is yet to marry and is the most eligible bachelor in the world or is he a mask of a superior male human being. Because:-
Real man is supposed to treat his girl like a Princess.
Real man drinks with his family and doesn’t exceed 2 pegs.
Real man spends time with his children and helps them in their homework.
Real man mustn’t enjoy sex only; he should enjoy the pre hugging and the post cuddling.
Real man should have a job and earn big money; he should give his girl full time.
Real Man never cheats, he is the Love Trademark.
This Real Man seems to have a big demand for his qualities. But every statement made for the Real Man is contradictory to itself. The Real Man has never been found till now and girls become skeptical of this myth, subsequently marry a man since the other party is also ready to get married.
The girl had faith in this Real Man. She believed her parent’s failed marriage was because of the mother and her inability to find the Real Man. The mother was a simple Graduate with average demands.
The girl is making herself accountable for the Real Man. She works in a big farm and earns a lot of money. She had many one sided love interest where she was always on the other side. The girl met no one until the day she came across this Man who was her Boss. He was rich; the Boss is always Rich and a typical hot shot typecast. Our stories are actually like films and once again the same event of every Love story repeats itself. The Man was very kind to his Staff and well tempered. He was worth the waiting. She finally gave the signal, a green signal and the train entered the station. The Man was perfect on his Bed duties. They had sex many times and he gave her a lot of contentment. He also cuddled after sex which gave her pleasure. Sex can never make you smile but the cuddling can, a stereotypical thought some Romantics believed.  Was she destined to be with this Real Man she had been searching? And she would never lose this opportunity. Within months they had tied the knot. They were looking like a true Mr. and Mrs. Real Man. The big wedding night has finally arrived. The Big Wedding Night or the first Night was traditionally the day when the girl loses her virginity and new sheets are placed on her bed to make it more of symbolic. But today it is just a customary night for them. The only change being she would be doing making love in ‘his’ or we could say ‘their’ home. The night commenced and they had their first married sex. It tasted the same but it had a missing energy. She justified herself about the product which she purchased consoling herself that The Man may have got tired since it was the Big Wedding Day. She never excused her father but this was different. Wasn’t this the Real Man? Only a woman can doubt a man in the split of a second. The next move was the cuddling part but The Man that day made a slight change on his routine. He just kissed her on the cheek and departed out of the room. Maybe he felt thirsty, it being a very hot day.
People who live on a misguided hope always try to find light in space. To find light we need a reflecting body and to find solace in a marriage we need to face the reality. There is no science behind finding a Real Man. In reality, Real Man is someone who fulfils all prospects but your expectations are too many.
Thus, he returned except past one hour as The Real Man smoked a cigarette and watched his Weekend Football match.


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