8 Stereotypical Mindset Towards North East (India?)

1. Weed Carriers
No matter from whichever part you belong or whatever your moral principles may be, people just assume you to have the best weed in town (if you belong from the seven sisters).  “Bhai tu kab ghar jaa raha hai? Aate waqt weed le aaiyo”. Not accusing them to be Racist we do posses the best weed in the country.


2. You know Hindi and Hindi Music!
You may have opted for Hindi on your 10th Boards but people get flabbergasted when they hear you speak Hindi or when you tune the latest Hindi track being broadcasted on the Television. *Bitch Please* “Kashmir jaungi mei, Ice Cream khaungi mei”. 


3. China Connections.
There is a description in about 600 words of our culture in NCERT books and the lack of information makes people assume only Tribals live in the Northeast originally rooted from China. “Were your ancestors originally from China?”. *facepalm*


4.  Vacation Ignorance
They presume the entire area as the same state. Tiger Hills and Kaziranga being neighbouring locations. Again NCERT are to be blamed for their Geography text and its lack of Information on the Northeast. Apart from Evergreen Trees, Alluvial Soil and Limestone we find no reference of the region whatsoever. “Bhai Meghalaya janeka plan hai. Kaziranga and Tiger Hills dekhna hai”


5. Girl Stereotypes
Every Tribal person is referred to as ‘Chinki’. These so called ‘Chinki’ termed girls only love to drink and have sex. (Hypothetical Sexism). Male Bigotry at its height.


6. Food
We eat things which are usually shown on Shaolin Films through chop sticks and Momo is our staple diet. “Bhai let me taste you a new thing today. They are called Parathas”. Go with the flow and you get free Parathas.


7. Habitat
We live in a place surrounded by 1 Horn Rhinos and The Royal Bengal Tiger where it rains 24/7. Much like those Annaconda Movies.  FALLACY and MISCONCEPTIONs.


8. Language
Some say we speak gibberish and others assume it to be Chinese. A few even find it similar to the Star Wars language (Galactic Basic). For the Assamese people they are always considered to be as Bengalis. Such Misconceptions, Much ignorance.


NOTE: – The people of Northeast feel blessed with the true hospitality of our brothers. Some sad incidents have arisen recently and we may feel alienated at times due to the differences in culture but within a short span of our stay these people and the new city becomes our second home.



12 thoughts on “8 Stereotypical Mindset Towards North East (India?)

  1. Mali says:

    Well done, obviously.. Good read, the meme pictures add a certain hilarity to the post. One more thing, they have a misconception that we live in tree-houses and eat wild animals like Bear Grylls..


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